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As an experienced building contractor and roofing contractor with specialist basement and loft conversions, commercial facilities management and decorating services, there is nothing we don’t know about construction and property. But we understand that, from the outside, our trade seems to have its own language. At Shield Building and Roofing Services, we always want to keep things simple for our valued Keighley and West Yorkshire customers.


Below, we’ve answered some of the more common questions we are asked to get your building or decorating project moving forward.





While both refurbishments and renovations in Keighley involve starting with something old and of little use, it’s the scale of the respective projects that ultimately separate them.


A refurbishment is usually located to a single room. While it’s common to hire a building contractor with decorating services to refurbish more than one room at once, they are still usually contained projects. Our loft conversions are the perfect example.


From our base in Keighley, Shield Building and Roofing services have refurbished kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and dining rooms throughout the surrounding West Yorkshire area. As an experienced building contractor and decorating services provider, we take tired, dated rooms and freshen them up with modern, contemporary designs.


A renovation, on the other hand, is the creation of a new build inside the structure of an old, often derelict, perhaps one that no longer meets current Building Regulations. These projects are much larger in scale, often requiring the building contractor and roofing contractor to work on the entire building. With our combined decorating services, a renovation is a great to blend traditional and contemporary themes.





Ask any roofing contractor in Keighley or the surrounding areas, and they will stress how important fascias, soffits and guttering (known as roofline products) are in fully functioning roofing systems. Fascias and soffits connect together to form the cladding at the foot of, and underneath, the exposed overhang of the rafters.


They are essential in keeping the timber dry and free of rot. If you allow your fascia boards and soffits to decay, or if they are installed poorly with shoddy materials, your roofing timber could be compromised. If damage occurs, you’ll almost certainly need a roofing contractor to undertake repair or replacement work.


The guttering is connected to the fascia board, and channels rainwater away from the roof. Debris and blockages effect the efficiency of guttering systems, meaning water backs up and spills back onto the roof or down the side of your Keighley property. Over time, this can lead to water damage and necessitates a visit from a building contractor or roofing contractor.


Our company replaces fascias, soffit and guttering for domestic customers, but we can also maintain rooflines in our role as commercial facilities management specialists.





Generally speaking, the recommended minimum head height for one of our standard loft conversions is 2.3 metres. If your Keighley home has a loft height of 2.2 metres or below, it most likely requires additional construction work to increase the head height before the conversion can begin.


These additional works include rebuilding the entire roof at a higher level, or lowering the ceilings of the rooms beneath the loft. Both would add significant expense to loft conversions, and the former would require planning permission. As a locally trusted building contractor and roofing contractor, we are happy to discuss all further options regarding loft conversions, including our decorating services.





Yes we do. Our expertise as a building contractor, roofing contractor and decorating services provider are not only put to use on domestic projects in Keighley and the West Yorkshire area, but commercial ones too. From cafés to pubs, and from shops to offices, Shield Building and Roofing provide commercial facilities management that not only impresses customers, clients and staff, but which ensures the continued safety and integrity of every aspect of your property.

To discuss decorating services, loft conversions or commercial facilities management in Keighley, call 07780 959692 or 01535 601597.

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