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There’s little doubt a room refurbishment, be it in a house or an office, reinvigorates the occupants. For domestic spaces in Leeds, including recently completed extensions and loft conversions, it creates a deeper sense of homeliness, and a resurgence in being house-proud. For office staff, there’s the potential for increased productivity in a more modern and engaging environment.


Whether you’re interested in domestic decorating services, or commercial facilities management, Shield is the building contractor and roofing contractor to breathe new life into any property in Leeds and the surrounding West Yorkshire area.

Room Refurbishments for Leeds Homes


Living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens and loft conversions – as a trusted building contractor and roofing contractor, Shield has refurbished them all, time and time again. And why do our satisfied customers throughout Leeds continue to spread the word about our decorating services? Because we offer room refurbishments of the highest quality at competitive rates.


We understand that home decoration, from dated living rooms to recent loft conversions, deserves a personal touch. The temptation to do it yourself is hard to resist. By liaising with our personnel, however, we can make the room in your imagination a reality without the pitfalls of DIY.


The benefits of handing the job to experienced professionals are:


An eye for detail – With 40 years of trade experience, our team has seen it all. There will be no time and money wasted trying things out. By taking your input and combining it with our knowledge, we create a clear plan for the possibilities in the room, or rooms, of your Leeds home.


Get it right first time – As a renowned building contractor, we cannot count the number of times we’ve been called in to rectify DIY disasters in Leeds and the wider West Yorkshire area. From customers who have invested large sums of money into extensions or loft conversions, to those who have been planning the overhaul of an old room for years; getting the decoration right first time can save the extra expense of a salvage job. Why pay for something twice when our decorating services get it right first time?


It saves you time – Decorating takes time. For most people trying it themselves, it will likely be stretched out over evenings after work and weekends. By hiring Shield Building and Roofing Services, you can rest assured that the job gets done quickly while freeing up your evenings and weekends to spend as you should – having fun!


The professional touch – Nothing beats the look and feel of a professionally refurbished room. We take everything from musty rooms with peeling wallpaper, to brand new, yet-to-be-decorated loft conversions, and turn them into the kind of welcoming living space you always imagined they could be. Our decorating services bring out the best in any room, instantly refreshing the feel of properties throughout Leeds.

Refurbishments for Leeds Offices


As a building contractor and roofing contractor with decorating services and expertise in commercial facilities management, we regularly take on office refurbishments too. The importance of a clean, modern and functional workspace cannot be overstated. Staff throughout Leeds and West Yorkshire spend the majority of their week in the office. The correlation between their productivity and their working environment is impossible to ignore.


Think about it – where would you work best; in a run down, gloomy office, or in a modern, well-lit working space? If a refurbishment brings about even a 1% difference in output, that’s a great return for your company’s bottom line.


There’s a reason why our valued Leeds customers highly recommend our loft conversions, decorating services and commercial facilities management. As a building contractor and roofing contractor, the professionalism we apply to our decorating services is the same for every job we undertake, be it domestic or commercial properties.


Whatever the job, we guarantee a sleek, professional finish to breathe new life into properties in Leeds and throughout West Yorkshire.

For more information on commercial facilities management or decorating services in Leeds, call Shield Building and Roofing on 07780 959692 or 01535 601597.

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