Basement and Loft Conversions in Keighley and West Yorkshire

With 40 years of trade experience, Shield Building and Roofing Services have long been trusted specialists in basement and loft conversions in Keighley, Bradford, Leeds and the wider West Yorkshire area. As a local building contractor and roofing contractor, and in the fields of domestic work and commercial facilities management, we’ve seen every kind of property in Yorkshire. We know that, for all manner of reasons, usable living space shrinks over time – particularly for customers with growing families.


Houses with empty, or under-utilised, lofts and basements offer a great solution to this problem before the prospect of moving home raises its head. Whether you’re looking to add an extra bedroom in the loft or create an entertainment centre or utility room in the basement, our team covers all relevant planning permissions and Building Regulations before work begins at your Keighley, Bradford or Leeds property.


As an experienced building contractor, we understand that domestic construction projects cause disruption and stress; our team takes every possible step to minimise both, making our basement and loft conversions run as smoothly as possible.

Things to Consider Before the Go-Ahead


Unfortunately, when it comes to basement and loft conversions in Keighley, Bradford, Leeds and the surrounding West Yorkshire area, it’s not as simple as making a decision, hiring a building contractor and getting started. For the safety of you and your family, your neighbours and our personnel, there are numerous factors that need to be met before getting started.


In regards to loft conversions, the first thing you need to think about is whether your loft is big enough to convert. It is recommended that the maximum head height of your loft is at least 2.3 metres. Anything at this height, or above, will comfortably fit one of our standard loft conversions.


A loft below 2.3 metres in height will need extensive construction work as part of any conversion. This includes an entire roof rebuild to increase its height, or lowering the ceilings of the rooms below the loft for the same result. Both options carry greater expense, and the former requires planning permission from the relevant Keighley, Bradford or Leeds authorities.


The good news is that standard basement or loft conversions don’t require planning permission. They are classified as ‘permitted development’ because they don’t drastically alter the structures already in place.


However, there are further exceptions. As a building contractor in Keighley, some of the more common loft conversions we encounter in the Yorkshire area that do require planning permission are:


  1. Loft conversions that overhang the face of the outer wall.
  2. In excess of 40 cubic metres of loft space for terraced houses.
  3. In excess of 50 cubic metres of loft space for detached or semi-detached houses.
  4. Loft conversions that feature verandas, or raised platforms for balconies.
  5. Loft conversions that extend above the current highest part of the roof.


Basement conversions in Keighley, Bradford, Leeds and throughout West Yorkshire have less caveats in regard to planning permission. Of course, as your building contractor, we make it clear that good ventilation, insulation, damp-proofing and an external escape route are essential. Aside from these points, the only situations that require extra attention are:


  1. If you plan to lower the floor of the basement to extend the ceiling height. This is classed as an extension of current property and requires planning permission.
  2. If your planned conversion impedes on a neighbours’ wall, or any shared beams, you must have their permission to start construction under the Party Wall Act.


Whichever option you choose, Shield Building and Roofing Services support you every step of the way. If you require planning permission, we work on your behalf to secure it. What’s more, our additional decorating services provide completed basement and loft conversions throughout Keighley, Bradford, Leeds and West Yorkshire with the perfect finishing touch.

To discuss basement and loft conversions in Keighley and the surrounding West Yorkshire area, call Shield Building and Roofing Services on 07780 959692 or 01535 601597.

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