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Alongside offering general decorating services and more long-term work like commercial facilities management, Shield Build services has long been providing loft conversions for domestic and trade clients throughout Oxford. Any building contractor / roofing contractor active over the last few years has likely noticed an increase in demand for this particular property improvement. With an increase in demand, an increase in supply naturally follows. So that’s why it’s important you avoid contractors with a poor reputation, or limited experience in this area, and choose a company that is renowned for high quality workmanship and not cutting corners – like Shield Build Services.


In this article, for the benefit of Oxford clients who might be considering investing in loft conversions, we’ve run through the different styles that are on offer and how they differ. If you’re more interested in hiring a building contractor and roofing contractor for commercial facilities management, decorating services or one of the many other tasks detailed elsewhere across this website, then pick up the phone and call us directly on  07780 959 692.


Types of Loft Conversions We Deliver in Oxford


Velux – The simplest and easiest form of loft conversions. Some roofs that we encounter around the Oxford area have enough space and do not require major structural alterations. All that a building contractor and roofing contractor needs to do here is allow enough light and air into the space to make it liveable, as not only would it otherwise fall short of building regulations, it’d be dingy and very unappealing to use for whatever the intended purpose.


What we do here is install Velux windows, or similar roof light products. Only minor alterations are required to do this, minimising expenses and time taken to finish the project. Obviously, decorating services may be required to get the space looking its very best, which we can handle in-house.


Dormer – If an Oxford property has a shortage of space and height in the attic, then dormer loft conversions may be the right way to go. These involve modifying the roof structure and building a flat roof that is integrated within your existing roof, giving you extra room to play with.

To give you a visual queue, dormer loft conversions project vertically from the existing slope, making a box shape easily seen from outside. A building contractor / roofing contractor can also employ roof light windows to bring in extra natural light, or French windows as means to the same end.


Hip to Gable – As the name suggests, these loft conversions involve straightening the inwardly slanting end roof (hip) to a gable end, by creating a vertical wall. While it might sound like a relatively minor change compared with other options a building contractor / roofing contractor has available, it’s a relatively significant structural alteration that can make a huge difference and add a lot of useable space.


Mansard – Usually found at the rear of Oxford properties, mansard loft conversions involve raising the party wall and creating a gently sloping outer wall. They’re a very aesthetically pleasing choice (inside and out, if you make use of our professional decorating services) and are a great choice for older properties.


Your Top Choice Building & Roofing Contractor


But as we mentioned earlier on this page, loft conversions aren’t all we do. As the Oxford area’s favoured building contractor and roofing contractor, we pride ourselves on versatility, handling everything from minor decorating services to full-fledged commercial facilities management.


Whatever the type and size of job we’re taking on, know that you’ll receive an exceptional standard of customer service, and benefit from our skill, experience and dedication to the job at hand.


Don’t wait another minute, if you need a building contractor or roofing contractor in the Oxford area, call Shield Build Services on 07780 959 692.

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