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The weather in Keighley, Bradford, Leeds and the wider West Yorkshire area tends to pop up all too frequently in our everyday conversation. But too few people discuss its effect on the roofs of their properties. With rain, hail, snow and wind battering the slate and tiles atop our homes, it comes as no surprise that, sooner or later, those materials are going to fail. As a roofing contractor and building contractor with 40 years of experience, and with domestic customers and clients in commercial facilities management, we know only too well that problems with roofs are usually discovered when it’s too late.


But, with a keen eye and simple maintenance, you can save yourself time, money and the stresses of emergency roof repairs.

Popular Roofing Services | Pitched Roofs and Flat Roofs


If your Keighley, Bradford, Leeds or West Yorkshire home has a pitched roof, there are numerous options available to provide strength and durability. As a trusted roofing contractor and building contractor, we recommend the following:


  • Natural Slate is hardwearing, impervious to rot, has natural fireproofing qualities and is the perfect choice for retaining the design features and aesthetic qualities of traditional homes
  • Artificial Slate is a durable, lightweight, eco-friendly and cost-effective option compared to natural slate
  • Zinc slate is, like artificial slate, tough, light, kind on the environment, budget-friendly and, as a metal, it is highly resistant to rust
  • Clay tiles are modern, durable and come in a wide range of colours. As they age, their colour mellows into softer tones for an attractive aesthetic touch
  • Concrete tiles are resilient, cost-effective and, like clay tiles, available in a wider range of colours compared with slate. They do not age as attractively as clay tiles, inevitably fading to grey


Does your property in Keighley, Bradford or Leeds have a flat roof? As West Yorkshire’s reliable roofing contractor, we advise the following materials:


  • EPDM rubber is a 50mm thick rubber membrane that is safely installed using an adhesive. It provides a watertight, long-lasting, weather resistant finish that is not compromised by exposure to water. EPDM rubber is recognised by Greenpeace as an environmentally sustainable material.
  • GRP fibreglass is a hardwearing, low-maintenance, watertight option with no weld, seams or joints. It can be moulded to fit the angles of most roofs, and comes in a wider variety of colours compared to EPDM rubber. GRP fibreglass is used on the hulls for RNLI lifeboats.


As a comprehensive roofing contractor based in Keighley, we also offer a soffit, fascia and guttering service throughout Bradford, Leeds and the wider West Yorkshire area.


To protect the exposed overhang of roofing timber, to regulate airflow through the roof space and to remove rainwater as swiftly as possible, the soffits, fascias and guttering of your Bradford, Leeds or West Yorkshire property need to be in full working order. As any roofing contractor will confirm, not only are they an aesthetic touch, but they are also a vital part of a roofing system that helps minimise the need for long-term property repairs.

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Essential Roofing Repairs in Keighley, Bradford and Leeds


After years of reliability, roofing materials eventually fail. Tiles slip or crack, felt corrodes, chimney mortar crumbles, flashing loosens, membranes shrink and blister; when roofing materials reach the end of their lifespan, they leave holes and cracks that water can penetrate. Over a prolonged period, this exposes the timber of your roof to problems like rot and structural damage.


As an experienced roofing contractor with experience in domestic and commercial facilities management, we know that the condition of your roof isn’t always on your mind. But indicators like standing water on flat roofs, damps spots on ceilings below the roof or loft and water spots on roofline products suggest all is not well with your roofing system. These issues can range in severity, but the sooner you catch them the better.


Shield Building and Roofing Services’ most in-demand roofing repairs in Keighley, Bradford, Leeds and the surrounding West Yorkshire area include:


  • Chimney Repointing
  • Partial Reroofing
  • Roof Inspections
  • Examining and Replacing Flashing
  • Fascia, Soffit and Guttering Installation


Shield Building and Roofing Services offer an emergency callout service. Whatever the problem, even if it extends to issues with loft conversions or other structural elements, West Yorkshire’s friendly building and roofing contractor is available 24 hours a day.

For more information on roofing services in Keighley and the wider West Yorkshire area, call 07780 959692 or 01535 601597.

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